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David Knight

David Knight did his PhD in the Zoology Department in Cambridge and has worked in Life Science for over 40 years and sculpted for 20 years. As a zoologist he has drawn and made photographs at all orders of magnitude from whole organisms down to molecules. The beauty, order, symmetry and fluidity that this revealed continues to inspire his sculpture. Many of his works are biomorphic abstractions. The fact that much of his recent work is in wood might be traced to his grandfather and great grandfather who were both trained as carpenters and were both interested in carving.

He loves wood for its colour, grain, tactility, smell and warmth. All the wood he uses for sculpture is derived from sustainable mixed woodland. Trees help to combat climate change by sequestering and storing CO2 as wood and as humus in the soil. The threat of runaway climate change means that sculptors need to think about the fossil fuel and water they use from raw materials to finished sculpture. In some of his pieces he seeks to enhance the lovely natural smell of wood by adding essential oils such as camphor, cinnamon and patchouli.

David with his Monument to Peak Oil
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These sculptures release mood-modifying aromas and take on a new dimension as works to be caressed and smelt by both blind and sighted people. In addition he makes simple biomorphic forms from objet trouvé.

He also carves stone and works with cement fondue to produce plant-derived forms that enhance the enjoyment of a garden. A sandstone carving of his was commissioned for a primary school playground. He has won several prizes for his sculpture

He enjoys carving lettering into wood and has produced numerous commissioned house name plates and other signs


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