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Humphrey Thompson

Humphrey is a complete novice at sculpture, having come to it after retiring from a long stint as a civil engineering contractor, which offered some creative parallels, but on a much larger scale.

Often feeling that an alternative life as an architect might have allowed an otherwise stunted interest in art to blossom, he finds it a real pleasure to be surrounded by so much advice and encouragement from all of the artists at the Wessex studio.

His first piece of work was necessarily in stone, as he had not appreciated that sculpture involved more than carving and felt most comfortable handling a material somewhat akin to solid concrete.

Since then, whilst keeping a keen eye on what his more experienced colleagues are about, he has tried his hand at modelling a wave, using polished stainless steel sheet and perspex.

More recently he finished his first ciment fondu casting, following through the process introduced to him during a tutorís workshop given by John Souter.

First Form, Portland stone
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