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Sally Fox

Sally Fox is one of the founder members of Wessex Sculptors. She was made a Master of Ikebana (the art of Japanesse flower arranging) in 2003. Her title, awarded by the Ohara School of Japan, is Hoso, meaning “a person creating abundant beauty”.

The philosophy of Ikebana embraces a style close to nature, and she has applied her study of nature to sculpture, modelling animals, reptiles & insects.  To bring these sculptures to life she uses precious and semi-precious stones, fossilised tree roots, driftwood and rocks.

She has had exhibitions at the London Gallery ‘hang-ups’, Jane Savills’ ceramic Studio in Lymington, Hampshire, and takes on commissions for studies of children, horses & dogs.


Red Eyed Tree Frog, bronze with rubies,
base: 300 yr old oak from Duchy of Cornwall Estate,
23cm overall height
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