Chris Wilkinson


Living in Mumbai, India, for two years proved an amazing experience for me.  The extraordinary sights and vibrancy of colour surrounding us were inspirational to my paintings, where I  aimed to portray the grace and beauty of women working in the hardest of conditions, whilst conveying the richness of colour apparent in everyday scenes of life in India.

Since returning to England , I joined Wessex Sculptors to broaden my experiences to include sculpture.   It is very inspirational to work alongside like-minded artists and we are very lucky to have such fantastic facilities in which to work.

I enjoy carving stone and light weight concrete blocks, working in ciment fondu and portrait work in clay.  More recently I have been exploring the beautiful shapes and structures of the natural world around us and have tried to recreate elements of this in my work.




Registered Charity Number: 1101088

Wessex Sculptors
Unit C1A, The Black Shed
Brockwood Barn
SO24 0LQ