Are you interested in joining us?

Member numbers are limited, keeping the group a friendly and co-operative community.  All members share in running the organisation, helping with workshops, setting up exhibitions and taking turns on the Committee.  In return, members are rewarded with a lovely working environment and a supportive group of friendly, like minded, creative people. Membership to Wessex Sculptors includes full use of the facilities at any time, tools, some materials and the help and advice of John Souter.

Why not spend a morning at our studio during term time, when you can meet John Souter and other members of Wessex Sculptors, see what we do and where we do it?  If you like what you see, for an advanced payment of £100 we offer 3 months’ temporary membership.  At the end of 3 months, if you decide to continue to full membership, your first month of full membership is covered by your advanced payment while you set up a Standing Order.  Currently, full membership is £25.00 per month.

Ask about our family membership offer, where 2 family members who wish to join together can do so for a reduced cost.

As a first step, please fill in the form on the CONTACT page and we will take it from there.

I think the environment (at the barn) is splendid and very supportive…. Having John there is superb.  I think John is one of the best tutors I have ever come across.

I love being up there when everybody’s there, but I also quite like it when there isn’t anybody there because it’s nice and quiet.  It’s so lovely.  Once I get involved in what I’m doing, I’m not very good at chatting at the same time.  But when we have our coffees and teas and lunches, it’s nice to sit and chat.

Sculpture can be quite a lonely pursuit.  The best thing, for me, is having the company of like minded people and the inspiration of seeing what everyone else is working on.  We are a very supportive group.




Registered Charity Number: 1101088

Wessex Sculptors
Unit C1A, The Black Shed
Brockwood Barn
SO24 0LQ