If you are interested in taking part in any of our workshops, this page will show you some of the workshops we have put on in the past and what may be coming up in the future.  If there is a planned workshop you would like to take part in, click on the link to find out more information, then use the contact form on the Contact page to register your interest.

Head & Neck Workshop, July 2022

The next Wessex Sculptors workshop will be the ever popular head and neck workshop using a live model and tutored by experienced sculptor and teacher John Souter on Saturday 2nd July, running from 10am to 4pm.

Wood Carving, January 2022

On 29th January 2022, Wessex Sculptor member David Knight ran another of our popular Wood Carving workshops. This workshop was designed to support us in handling the carving of large pieces of wood using power tools as well as routine wood carving equipment.

Introduction to Creative Copperwork, January 2021

After the success of our first copper workshop, Lucille Scott again ran an introductory workshop to working with copper.  This was an intensive workshop that included techniques such as cutting and hammering out copper sheeting, soldering, working with wire and covered processes such as annealing, folding, spreading and shaping.

Ceramics workshop: working with paper clay

A Porcelain Paper Clay workshop took place at the Barn on 6th November run by Jess Skelton, a ceramics artist who works in the studio next to ours.

Ceramics: Handbuilding & Glazing Workshop, November 2021

This two day introductory workshop enabled paritcipants to experience coil building, Kurinuki (the Japanese art of carving from a block of clay to make a tea bowl or other small vessel) and learn to make a pinch pot.

Copper Workshop, July 2021

On Saturday 24 July, Lucille Scott ran an introductory workshop in creative copper work at the studio. This was an intensive introduction to working with copper, including techniques such as cutting and hammering out copper sheeting, soldering, working with wire.

Wood Carving Workshop, September 2021

On Saturday 11th September 2021, after having to cancel this workshop last year because of covid restrictions, we were finally able to run this one day wood carving workshop led by Wessex Sculptors member David Knight

Swedish Style Spoon Carving, March 2020

On 14th March, we put on a one day workshop at the studio led by wood carver Steve Dyke.  This workshop was an introduction to whittling, and resulted in the production of two spoons by the end of the workshop. 

Head & Torso Workshop, December 2019

On November 23rd, John Souter ran a very successful Head and Torso Workshop at the studio.  This is always a popular workshop and, with limited places, there is often a waiting list.  We had an excellent model and used clay over an armature supporting both head and shoulders.

Willow Weaving Workshop, September 2019

Seven participants enjoyed a willow weaving workshop with Ann Herbert on Saturday the 28th of September 2019.

Sculpting with Paper, 2019

Wessex Sculptor member Madeleine Page ran a very successful one day workshop on Saturday 16th February 2019, 10am – 4pm at The Barn studio, showing us some fascinating possibilities sculpting with paper.

Wire Workshop, July 2017

On 15th July, artist Jane Cannon ran a workshop at the studio using wire for participants to make a wire figure of their own design using different types of wire from mild steel to copper in varied thicknesses. 

Carving Workshop, November 2015

In November 2015, we ran another carving workshop for the students of Brockwood School at our studio.  They were instructed how to safely use various tools and shown the best methods for carving thermalite blocks and produced some great sculptures.

Anodising Workshop, March 2015

In March 2015, jeweller Lindsey Mann came to the studio to give us an introduction to the decorative colouring of anodised aluminium.  We learned about the anodising process and were introduced to a wide variety of techniques which included direct application, dip-dyeing, printmaking and the use of resists.

Portrait Head Workshop, February 2009

In February 2009, John Souter ran a two day workshop at the studio, modelling a portrait head in clay, always a firm favourite.

Brockwood School Workshop, November 2008

In November 2008, we put on a carving workshop for the students of Brockwood School  which is just over the road from our studio.

Robert Hunt Portrait Head Workshop, April 2008

We were delighted to welcome to our studio, renowned sculptor and long time member of The Society for Portrait Sculptors, Robert Hunt, for a two day workshop on producing a life size clay head and neck portrait from a model. 




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