On 25th April 2020, we will be running a one day wood carving workshop run by Wessex Sculptors member David Knight.  To see some of David’s own work using wood, please look at his Gallery page.

Participants should bring one of more pieces of hard wood to work on.  If this isn’t possible, we may be able to supply some pieces.  Pine and other soft woods are difficult to work with.  It is good to soften very hard, dry wood by soaking in water or wrapping it in damp newspaper and then a bin liner.  Green wood is easy to work with.  If you have access to clay or other modelling materials, you might like to bring a maquette (small model) of what you intend to make.  It helps if you start to make the maquette by modelling the shape and proportions of the piece of wood you intend to use.  Then use clay tools or an old knife to work by subtraction, cutting away the material, rather than by squeezing it, to define the shape.  We can supply clay for maquette making if you come to the barn on a Monday or Thursday morning before coming to the workshop.

The workshop will run from 10am – 4pm and will be £30 for Wessex Sculptor members, £40 for non-members.  Light refreshments will be provided but bring your own lunch.  All tools will be provided.

Full payment is required to secure a place.  Reimbursement on cancellation less than a week before the workshop will only be made if we can fill your place.  If you are interested in this workshop please use the form on the Contact page to find out more.