On 14th March, we will be putting on a one day workshop at the studio led by wood carver Steve Dyke.  This workshop is an introduction to whittling, and will result in the production of one or possibly even two spoons by the end of the workshop.  Steve has been a professional woodworker for 38 years, working as a cabinet maker, joiner and  carpenter.   Over the last 10 years he has been developing his interest in using “green” or unseasoned wood due to the sustainable nature of the product, the lack of dust produced and, last but not least, the lower cost of the raw material. 

Carving is the perfect antidote to today’s fast paced world.  The act of carving a bowl or spoon requires a lot of concentration and has been proven to be a healing experience for people suffering from stress and anxiety.  Steve would like to warn you of the addictive nature of spoon carving!

 March 14th 2020

10am – 4pm

Cost:  Members   £40   to   include   materials.   Non-­‐members   £50   to   include   materials.   Light   refreshments    provided,   bring   your   own   lunch.   Payment is required to secure a place.  Please use the form on the Contact page if you are interested in attending.