Fiona Wallace


Drawing, painting and making things from found objects was a favourite occupation for me as a child, gaining qualifications in woodwork and art, with ceramics being my favoured medium.

Since then I’ve mostly created organic shapes such as conkers in ceramics but I’ve also enjoyed exploring other mediums such as wire, plaster and Paverpol, both at home or at evening and day classes.

I am mostly self-taught but gained distinction in the diploma of Art and Design in 2008.

Since joining Wessex Sculptors I’ve explored stone carving,  making a large hazelnut, and using ciment fondu in different colours to create original outdoor plaques, currently of flowers.  My work focuses on shape, form and colour and I’m enthusiastic that sculpture is there to be touched so I hope this is also reflected in my work.




Registered Charity Number: 1101088

Wessex Sculptors
Unit C1A, The Black Shed
Brockwood Barn
SO24 0LQ