On July 26th, Wessex Sculptor member David Knight was asked to provide a sculpture touch tour for four sightless people in the work room of Southampton Civic Centre Art Gallery, which he was very happy to do.

David reported back to say he had “great fun running a touch tour at Southampton Civic Centre Art Gallery workroom for five blind adults from a group that meets bimonthly there.  I took 9 pieces (two early constructivist, a very early ceramic, thrown plaster white king and cast cement black queen cement fondue chess pieces and four biomorphic abstract wood sculptures scented with different aromatic oils). We sat the assembled company around a large table and slid the pieces. I was amazed by the ability to reconstruct three dimensional objects in the subjects mind and to detect the difference between heart wood and surface wood . The level of concentration was amazing.  All liked the wooden pieces. The constructivist pieces went down less well but provoked an interesting discussion in the role of the Russian revolution in starting constructivism and the latter’s impact on Bau Haus architecture and furnishings! The retired maths teacher detected the spiral (Fibonacci) arrangement of leaves in my hammer and nail plant piece! The group are keen to come to the barn to do more hands on work including clay.  Altogether a very moving experience for me”.