On Wednesday evening, 28th June, we were asked to give a talk about Wessex Sculptors to Alresford Art Society and the Alresford Recreation Centre.  The art society members were interested in finding our more about our organisation and hoping to get a bit of hands on experience with materials.  We set up four tables of works, each manned by a Wessex Sculptor member.  Each table covered a different material: wire, carving, casting and clay.  For the first half of the evening, Jen Boardman and Penny Claisse gave a talk supported by Powerpoint pictures, about why we were formed, who we are, what we do and how to get involved.  Although it wasn’t practical for our audience to actually try making sculptures, the second half enabled them to interact with us and find out more about materials and working methods.  Instead of hands on work on the evening, we were able to offer places at forthcoming workshops; a block carving workshop and a wire workshop.