Every year, as close to the twelfth night after Christmas as we can make it, we all gather in the barn studio to share an informal lunch and catch up with each other.  During the year, we don’t always see other members on a regular basis as we tend to go to the studio at different times, so we make sure that at least once a year we have the opportunity to meet up.  It’s amazing how we manage to transform a typically scruffy and well used working space into a festive scene with decorated tables and candlelight.

Everyone brings a plate of food, ranging from hot baked potatoes, hot and cold meat dishes, salads and mulled wine to delicious desserts.  In recent years, we have been given sculpture related after dinner challenges such as manipulating long, thin balloons, lego building and having to make a paper hat without the aid of glue or fixings.  Much hilarity is had by all!