Wynn Rees


I’ve been a member of Wessex Sculptors for about four years. At my first session at the Barn someone asked me “Have you done 3-D work before?” and I was about to answer “No” when the form of the question – using the notion of “3-D” – stopped me, and I quickly realised that I’d had at least 25 years of intermittent activity in papier maché, pottery (slab work) and ferro cement, as well as other materials, which I had considered in my mind to be play rather than sculpture. But definitely 3-D.

So it continues. Wessex Sculptors provides a place for me to play. There is the actual place, the workshop including tools and materials (I’m still learning how to use these which are new to me) sufficient to help me play. It is also a place in the

mind where my artistic intent can be challenged or explained, and I too am invited to consider others’ work in a similar way. I rather like a geometrical or mathematical approach, and find myself delighted that structures made of paper can have so much form when cut and folded in certain ways.

That WS organises itself as a cooperative suits me, as I can challenge myself to contribute to the whole alongside the challenges the materials and my artistic intent pose.




Registered Charity Number: 1101088

Wessex Sculptors
Unit C1A, The Black Shed
Brockwood Barn
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